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Dream I Do - a Slade x Robin fic


This fic occurs just after the events of “Haunted.” Enjoy!

Dream I Do
by T

The hot chocolate that Starfire had given him to chase away the night’s events was gone. His friends were gone too, tucked in bed, safe and sleeping. Now, it was just Robin and his light switch.

Cyborg had said the toxin was gone… so why did Robin hesitate?

Deep down, Robin knew why. What if Slade was still there, lurking in the shadows? Waiting.

What’s the matter, Robin? Afraid of the dark? That’s what Slade would say.

Robin shook his head. Fear might have been part of it, but if he was truly honest with himself, it was the anticipation that really kept him from switching off the light.

What if Slade was still there?

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The Nightmares Inside Chapter 9 (End)


Title: The Nightmares Inside

Summary: Robin is filled with horrible memories of Slade during his time as an apprentice. One question stands: will Robin be able to break away from Slade before his life is compromised, or will he fall into total darkness?

Rating: MA

Warnings: Sex, violence, rape, forced drug usage, psychological torture, nightmares

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Before Slade’s Time is up on Arrow they Need to bring in dick.
Slade and dick’s relationship is one that has interested me since TT.
Steven R McQueen wants to be Nightwing so bad.
Bring him into arrow and explore their relationship.