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Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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Title:  Clothes Make a Man
Rating:  G
Characters:  Soldat J, Guy Shishioh,  Mamoru Amami, Ikumi Kaidou
Summary:  Guy is out with Mamoru when he happens upon J…in normal clothing.  Needless to say, they attract attention.
Warnings:  Sudden picture taking for crap reasons ahaha…ha

The first time Guy saw J in normal clothing he almost passed the cyborg by. 

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I was marathoning GaoGaiGar a few days ago and there was one episode where the drawing slightly changed…

Not that I hate Mamoru’s usual anime eyes, but this one looks… softer, somehow. Happened to Gai’s too.

The blue in his eyes was pretty different from the usual and I actually liked it ;v; it looked so gorgeous to me.

Ahhhh I can’t stop fangirling over both these two’s cute relationship and this particular scene’s art. Just, wonderful <3


Totally adorable.